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Agriman Model Farms, the pioneers in cultivating the finest quality Kinnow citrus fruits in the picturesque region of Mohsinabad. At Agriman, we take pride in presenting our premium range of Kinnow, a citrus delight that is as pure as nature intended.

What sets our Kinnow apart is not just its exceptional taste and juiciness, but also the meticulous care and sustainable practices that go into its cultivation. We have embraced a holistic approach that prioritizes both the health of our consumers and the well-being of our environment.

One of the key factors that make our Kinnow truly exceptional is our commitment to pesticide-free farming. Guided by the expertise of European Union agricultural specialists, following ‘Codes of Practice for Kinnow Farming and Processing’, Codes of Practice for Post-Harvest Handling of Kinnow Produce’ and ‘Codes of Practice for Farm Management’, we have adopted stringent measures that ensure our citrus groves remain untouched by harmful pesticides. This commitment not only guarantees a healthier choice for our valued customers but also underscores our dedication to sustainable farming practices.

Our journey towards excellence is marked by a close collaboration with the Agricultural Department of Punjab and the esteemed Agricultural University. By adhering to their best practices, we have managed to harmonize tradition with innovation, resulting in citrus fruits that are a testament to our unwavering pursuit of quality.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated and passionate team works tirelessly to nurture our Kinnow plants. From planting the seeds to tending to the flourishing groves, every step is carefully orchestrated to ensure the optimal growth and development of each fruit. Our team’s expertise and devotion to their craft shine through in every juicy and vibrant Kinnow that graces your table.

In choosing Agriman Model Farms’ Kinnow, you are not only savouring a taste of nature’s finest offering but also becoming a part of our mission to elevate citrus cultivation to new heights of purity and sustainability. Join us in experiencing the succulent goodness of our pesticide-free Kinnow, cultivated with love and precision to bring a burst of natural refreshment to your life.